Co-Founder, Bassist, Social Media Manager

Formed in 2019, Versify is the result of over a decade of crafting songs by frontman Michael Bush. In search of an alternative experience to simply being a solo act, myself and Francis James were recruited to round out the rhythm section and propel this songs to work in a full band setting. Sean Spiteri rounds out the lineup on lead guitar, which led to us pursuing performance opportunities in August 2018. Utilising our influence of hard rock acts such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, infused with storytelling reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Versify have gone from an unknown group, to a reliable and consistent live band.


Having played events such as Immersed 2020 and working with promotion company This Feeling, we are slowly building a following through Cardiff and beyond. While we take a fairly steadfast DIY approach, we also utilise photographers, illustrators and promoters local to the Cardiff arts scene, in an effort to uplift other creative individuals and collectives.


Our debut single 'Fun For Fire' was released March 20th 2020 by Animal Farm Studios, and we are already seeing the track added to playlists and receiving interest, from companies such as This Feeling and Youngbloods Promotion, as well as hard rock bands in the Cardiff music scene.


Bassist, Songwriter

Formed in the latter half of 2019, Equinox has proven to be the more physically demanding role out of all the projects I am involved in. Fueled by our collective inspirations of hard rock and heavy metal, my role in this band is less to create soundscapes and atmosphere, and more to be the driving rhythm along with Owi Davies, allowing the dynamics to shift between our two guitarists, Adam Leigh Davies and Charlie Platt, all while our vocalist Lewis Maguire dominates our tracks with his brutal, unforgiving style.

With shifting tempos and time signatures, along with an extremely abrasive and cutting sound, my contribution to the songwriting dynamic in Equinox is more apparent than in my other projects. From the flowing bass break in our debut single 'Lunar', to the no nonsense, high energy track 'Redeemer', my various influences and techniques apparent in most my projects are on full show in Equinox.

As described by both friends and fans who have seen us live, our performance is where we best translate what we're trying to do. My specific type of playing style, best suited to this genre of heavy music, is shown with my performance; high energy, non stop, and not afraid to jump in the pit.

In what could be seen as a short space of time, we are seeing the results of our hard work, with gig and tour offers, as well as our new partnership with Empire Music.

Other Projects

Member and Session Bassist

ANTUMBRA (2019-2020)

Full member. Bassist. Writer and co-writer.

PARTISAN (2018-2020)

Session player. Bassist. Rhythm Guitarist.

XL LIFE (2019)

Session player. Bassist. Featured on 'Move Or Lose' from Sweet Moves EP

ŻYCIE (2020)

Session member. Bassist. Featured on every track on 'Symptom Of Me' except 'Into A Colder Place'. Delayed until October 2020.

M.B.E. (2018)

Session player. Bassist and guitarist for cover of 'Hey Hey, My My' by Neil Young.

ALUMNI (2018)

Live session player. Bassist.

TOTALITY (2016-2018)

Full member. Co-vocalist, writer.

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